Clueless Trump Should Be Rooting For Sweden


Many Stockholm residents still gather at bars and restaurants


By Scott Myers, Guest Contributor

Regarding “Donnie Bone Spurs,” here is the key consideration:

Trump knows that when he is no longer POTUS, there is a very high probability that he will subsequently be going to prisonTherefore, every move he makes is to keep his evil ass in office.

Currently, in his demented, stupid, and evil mind, he thinks if the economy comes back, even somewhat, before November, he has a chance of getting re-elected.  So, ‘re-opening’ the economy is an easy choice for him – it matters not that many thousands more people will die, especially since they will be mostly old, and on their last legs (per Bill O’Reilly), and disproportionately black/Latino.

But, Trump’s decrees are ‘noops’.  He has led from behind during the whole crisis, adding negative value with his tantrums, incompetence, and un-ending need for adulation.  Pity his medical experts that have had to waste so many cycles correcting his lies and misinformation and having to praise him.  

The many decent human beings in our nation who are governors or mayors, will not follow his ‘decree’ if it is not in the best interest of their citizens.  Fortunatelythey appear to be in the majority.  But Trumpers in  Florida can rejoice because Ron DeSantis is Trump’s most obedient bitch.  And DeSantis must be proud of the fact that now all sixty-seven counties have recorded COVID-19 cases.

If we had even a marginally competent POTUS, that person would be focused on the following:

Expediting all stimulus money and unemployment checks to those in need – this requires coordinated efforts by federal and state governments.

Adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for all medical personnel and first-responders now, and as the number of cases continues to grow.
Immediate 100% COVID-19 testing for all medical personnel and first-responders with a near-term goal of being able to test these heroic folks on a daily basis.
• Immediate 100% COVID-19 testing for all staff and residents of nursing homes.
Immediate 100% COVID-19 testing for all food processing and grocery workers.
Significantly ramped up testing, including widespread randomized testing – currently less than 1% of the population has been tested.  One cannot manage what one cannot measure.
Manhattan Project like focus on vaccine and antibody testing.
Making sure that Federal involvement and allocation of resource aids the states and those that need the most urgent attention get it.
Message emphatically to religious organizations, that continue to have in-person gatherings, that their religious freedom is in no way impacted – just use the internet like we are doing for virtually every other facet of our lives.  Freedoms are not impacted, just mobility on a  temporary basis.  We do not want millions of people to die, which is what would happen if we had continued to go about ‘business as usual’ or will happen if we resume ‘business as usual’ too soon. 
Trump has recently criticized Sweden for not doing a countrywide lockdown, even though he wants to open up the U. S. as quickly as possible, which would imply that Trump knows that the ‘social distancing’ in the  U.S.  is working.  Go figure.  Let’s look at how Sweden, who is relying on voluntary compliance of its citizens, is doing.

Comparing COVID-19 data of Sweden with its surrounding countries and the state of California shows the following as of 4/15/2020:


California is included because it is about the same land area size as Sweden, but note that California has four times the population density.

Sweden stands far above these other countries and California in COVID-19 ‘deaths per million’ and current ‘serious-critical cases per million’.  This ‘lab experiment’ by Sweden is something we all should pay close attention to in the coming weeks.  So far, it does not look like it will turn out well for Sweden, in which case Trump will totally ignore it.  On the other hand, if it turns out well, Trump will tout it as a strong data point for rushing re-opening of the USA.

In the meantime, nobody has any idea when the COVID-19 pandemic will be under control.  The models change daily, and are greatly dependent on almost universal participation of ‘social distancing’.  We do know that ‘social distancing’ does work.  The governors (most of them) will continue to do the ‘right thing’ based on our limited understanding of COVID-19 no matter what Trump says, as they have been doing all along. 

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