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cropped-TBB-in-black-on-lighter-green-1.jpgWe are Tampa Bay Beat, your trusted, independent news source.

There is no compromise with the truth here. The fact-challenged mainstream media (MSM) in Tampa Bay and the pay-for-play blogs rely on advertisers with agendas to advance and negative news to suppress. On the other hand, we operate unfettered by those pressures. Readers have recognized the importance of this as social media and uncompromised blogs are quickly supplanting the special interest-dominated MSM as go-to news sources.

MSM has also seen its influence evaporate under a cloud of public distrust. Notable recent examples of this are Greenlight Pinellas and Go Hillsborough, a pair of spurious mass transit proposals supported by the (then) two Bay area dailies, corporate interests, local bureaucrats, and many elected officials. Greenlight was pummeled at the polls in 2014 and GH was torpedoed earlier this year never making it onto the ballot. Both had more warts than the Wicked Witch of the West but while MSM became an army of flying monkeys, conscientious bloggers threw a bucket of cold water on those sketchy proposals.

In the end, 62 percent of Pinellas voters decided against raising sales taxes to pay for an underutilized, unnecessary light rail system managed by an unresponsive transit authority with a director that misused public funds. Hillsborough’s bureaucracy driven transit proposal proved even more of a fiasco.

Tampa Bay Beat will continue the tradition of its forerunner Floridiocy in bringing real news to Tampa Bay, the State of Florida, and beyond. These included investigating specious real estate transactions that laundered millions in pension funds from the Florida Retirement System into Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise; the continued Museum of Science and Industry money pit that has swallowed millions in tax dollars and promises to gobble up millions more, and the predicted shuttering of the Tampa Tribune that caught its own employees off guard.

If you value information that is unreported and underreported, bookmark us at tampabaybeat.info.

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