Media Needs Open Books to Maintain Credibility

    By Jim Bleyer The public has had enough. Mainstream media entities that purport to report unvarnished news must be held accountable for their transgressions—slanting coverage, contorting facts, omitting information. HAL 9000, the futuristic computer in the Space Odyssey series, would go haywire attempting to tally the mushrooming mountain …

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Times Twisted Facts to Help Sell Vinik Transit Tax Scam

Paul Tash

  By Mark Calvert, from Eye on Tampa Bay Curiously, the Tampa Bay Times recently started reporting the All for Transportation tax hike in Hillsborough County will raise $15.8 billion over 30 years, while they consistently called it at $280 million per year, $9 billion tax before and just after …

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Tampa Bay Tabloid Shuffle: The Bad News and the *footnote

  By Jim Bleyer First, the bad news. Creative Loafing Tampa Bay, the area’s much beloved alternative weekly, was bought out by Euclid Media Group.  Known as EMG,  it owns a portfolio of nine such city publications including the Orlando Weekly. EMG has shown a penchant for marginalizing and, in …

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